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Retaining walls have many benefits and can transform your property in several ways. Gabriel H Ruiz Masonry & Concrete of Thousand Oaks, CA is the concrete contractor thousands of homeowners and businesses have turned to for retaining wall design and construction. In landscaping your lawn, for example, retaining walls can help direct the flow of water as it moves naturally through the lawn while adding interest and character to your yard!

For those who live on a piece of property that involves natural hills and slopes, retaining walls are the perfect way to cap off a slope and create a raised-look flat area which can be used for many things, such as playground equipment, a picnic area, or simply more space to enjoy for gardening or on its own. Commercial properties can create extra parking spaces or green spaces with well-designed retaining walls. Gabriel H Ruiz Masonry & Concrete is just the company to do that.

Retaining walls must be carefully engineered so that they can withstand the force behind them as well as the forces of gravity, both of which will work against a wall that is improperly constructed. With over 25 years of experience in retaining wall engineering, we can build you a wall that will stand up to foot traffic, automobile traffic, and even the forces of nature to provide you with more useful outdoor space for many years to come.

See us today to discuss your retaining wall needs and have all your questions answered by a professional, highly experienced engineer. We will be happy to come out to your site to survey the area where your wall will be built and to provide you with a free cost and time estimate.

We look forward to working with you and to welcoming you to our family of satisfied clients!

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